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I recently purchased this pistol, and am very pleased with it.  The size is perfect for concealment, it rides nicely inside the waistband, or in a purse.  (However, my recommendation is to carry on your person.)  If you like engraving, but can’t afford a custom gun, this is definitely worth consideration.  Keep in mind that most small, lightweight carry guns have notoriously heavy trigger pulls, so this will not be your first pick for plinking at the range.  I have had no malfunction problems.  The design follows the lines of the smaller .380 LCP in Ruger’s line.  All in all, if you like the LCP, but prefer a 9mm to the smaller .380 caliber, this pistol is a great choice.  And it looks good, too!


Check out this Sweet Engraved LC9, compliments of The Firearm Blog:  http://networkedblogs.com/sJPOz?a=share&ref=nf

Engraved Ruger LC9 Limited Edition

Tyler snapped this photo of a limited edition Ruger LC9 that had just arrived at his local gun store. 1500 are being produced. I like it.

ruger tm tfb Engraved Ruger LC9 Limited Edition photo

UPDATE: Tyler says …

I believe it is a Talo special edition. There are two varieties – Deluxe Silverand Deluxe Gold. The silver one has a silver Ruger emblem on a nickel plated slide (not stainless), and I’m assuming the gold one has a gold Ruger emblem. The silver is 1 of 1500, so I would assume the gold is the same, but I don’t know any more than you do. Here are some links (the titles are screwy, but you can see that one says a gold emblem and the other says silver).

img 6177 tm tfb Engraved Ruger LC9 Limited Edition photo
img 6202 tm tfb Engraved Ruger LC9 Limited Edition photo

[ Many thanks to Tyler for emailing us the info. ]