Just saying the word fear causes some level of stress in most people. I agree we should refrain from using the word when instructing people on the proper response to law enforcement. In addition, we don’t want students feeling even more anxiety at the thought of having to make life and death decisions in a crisis. I plan to put more emphasis on teaching the importance of maintaining relative calm during decision making, and choosing different words to express the reasons for your actions when dealing with law enforcement. Perhaps something as simple as “I believed he intended to kill me, (or my family). I took the necessary actions to prevent that from happening.” I think it better portrays control in a dangerous situation. Rather than panic.


“when pride arrives, logic [leaves].” –Samurai Rising

I would say the same is true of fear, which is one reason I don’t care for the “I was in fear for my life” mantra. When we in the industry teach fear to our students, I am concerned we are setting them up to make bad decisions.

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