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“This lack of training is in my opinion negligent. A firearm comes with a lot of responsibility and a personal training requirement. Anyone who has a firearm in their home should know how to use it, what type of ammunition it takes, how to load and unload without assistance, and have formalized training that applies to how they are going to use it.”  quote from Rob Pincus at The Personal Defense Network and his article titled “The Baby Blanket Approach to Personal Safety”

Rob’s ability to convey important facts is always spot on.  I always look forward to reading his articles and watching his videos.  If you are serious about personal defense, Rob’s PDN website is well worth your time.

Don’t just buy a gun because it is your constitutional right.  Remember Abraham Maslow‘s saying , “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

It is every gun owner’s responsibility to seek and obtain training on the safe and proper use of a firearm.  And if that firearm is intended to be used in the defense of life, additional training is absolutely necessary.