We are all just human. We don’t know what we don’t know. We must get quality instruction, and continue to train and practice. Learning to operate a gun does not make you safe. This is why we have ALWAYS incorporated 4 hours of personal safety in our Basic Handgun Classes prior to bringing out the guns. People just don’t “get it” until they we teach them the importance of awareness, preparation and legalities of using a gun for self defense. There are many, many seasoned shooters that do not embrace the so called ‘4 rules”. But that is a subject for another article. We added a 5th rule “always properly secure your gun”. Always. It bears further explanation and should not be left to the gun owner to interpret. Instructors need to explain the meaning behind every rule, in every class.



“As for what happened, yes, I did make a mistake by placing a handgun under the front seat of my vehicle, and that mistake lead to a horrible accident. However, this is not something that is rare. A very large number of people place a gun under their seat every single day, I can only hope that what happened to me will help to open their eyes to what can happen by doing so.”

Off body carry is (per Claude Werner) “not for beginners, although beginners often do it”.

Melody Lauer has an excellent article series on LuckyGunner.com that  details the exact pitfalls that off body carry entails.

Carrying a gun around without a holster is even more hazardous since Jamie Gilt did not even put the gun in her purse. 

“The safety was not off. I was not shot with the compact 1911 that was shown in pictures. It…

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