Shooting Fundamentals


Next Class: July 23, 2017  12:00-5:00pm  Seats are still available!  REGISTER

Class instructor: Janice Talaroc     Location: Tacoma, Washington

Learning to shoot a handgun can be a fun and exciting experience when done in a comfortable, safe environment with professional instructors.  This class is a great refresher course for shooters with limited experience, but is specifically designed for students who are new to guns with no shooting experience.  Once you have completed one of our classes, you are invited to join our shooting club, (no charge) The Scarlet Pistols, and enjoy shooting practice with our instructors and other student alumni.  It’s a great way to stay current and practice your skills with other shooters in a friendly environment.

For more information go to our website:

Scarlet Pistols Revival


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Scarlet Pistol Logo

Women and Guns is proud to announce the revival of the Scarlet Pistols Shooting Group! Beginning July 3, 2017, and every Monday there after, any woman who previously attended any of our shooting classes is welcome and encouraged to attend.  Our goal is to encourage women to practice the skills they learned in class while enjoying an afternoon of fun with other women.

We will meet at the New Lakewood Shooting Range,  2:00pm is our target start time, but late arrivals are fine, (we realize traffic can be a factor). The range is open until 9:00pm.  The range fee for ladies is $12.50 per lane, $10 for an additional shooter sharing the same lane.  Friends and family are welcome to attend, but must be 18 years or older, and have some basic firearms safety training to join our group.

Women and Guns will provide tips to improve your shooting techniques.  Bring your own guns and ammunition, or plan to rent a gun at the range and purchase ammunition and targets.  If it is your first time to the range, there will be a short safety video and the usual paperwork to complete before you start shooting.  Depending on the turn out, we may even have a “just for fun” shooting competition!

If you have not had a chance to experience the new Lakewood Shooting Range and Welchers New Gun Shop, plan to visit them soon.  You won’t be disappointed!

See you at the range!  Janice

Student Reunion Tonight!


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If you missed the Facebook post or are not on our email list, there is still time to RSVP and attend our first Women and Guns Student Reunion at the new Lakewood Shooting Range! Show up at 6:30 for registration and safety briefing. Shoot from 7-8pm, just $12.50. for ladies. Free instruction and targets. Bring your own guns and ammo, rent one at range, or borrow one of ours. Friends and family welcome! Questions? Send me an email or message me on Women and Guns Facebook page. See you at the range!

Exclusive Personal Instruction

Exclusive Personal Instruction

Women and Guns offers private lessons for students looking for a one on one learning experience.  Registration must be completed online or by phone/email. (Click on the above link.)

Location: Tacoma, Washington.  We start in the classroom, then continue to live fire at the New Lakewood Range.  Contact us via email or phone for questions or scheduling:

Lakewood Shooting Range


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Review of Welcher’s Gun Shop, Lakewood Shooting Range, June 7, 2017.

WOW!!  Amazing practice session at Welchers Gunshop and new Lakewood Shooting Range. The place is first class all the way to the beautiful laminate flooring throughout. The range staff are professional, friendly and very helpful. RSO on the floor at all times, plus security cameras. The air quality in the range is outstanding. 16 shooting stalls are now open, all with electronic target carriers. And LOTS OF SPACE behind the shooting benches, no crowding or bumping into people. A+ in every category. I will be a regular customer. The retail store is spacious and well stocked, prices are very competitive.
Check it out, Bridgeport exit off of I-5, right next door to the Ford dealership. Lots of parking.

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The Pocket Pistol

Some things never change…
Interesting read from Gun Culture 2.0 on Pocket Pistols, which just happen to be one of my favorites.

Gun Culture 2.0

Mark Keefe, Editor in Chief of The American Rifleman, has an excellent article in the December 2016 issue on “The Pocket Pistol’s Progression,” in conjunction with a review by Joseph Kurtenbach of the second version of the landmark Ruger LCP pocket pistol.


Keefe provides some interesting quotes from the English gun writer Hugh B.C. Pollard about the pocket pistol, including:

The advantages of the pocket automatic are — rapidity of fire, and the flatness and compactness in the pocket.


The average Englishman has little idea how widespread is the habit of carrying a pocket pistol; it is certainly unusual in England, but almost customary in the U.S.A. and Continental countries.


After all, it is better to be efficiently armed than not; and ever since the first prehistoric man invented the sling or the bow, weapons that kept the enemy at a distance and disqualified mere personal strength…

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Host A Class at Your Location


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Would you like to attend a class, but can’t seem to find the right class, at the right location, at the right time?  Women and Guns now offers an option to host a class at your location.  Tuition can be as low as $35 person, depending on number of students attending class.  Host attends for free!  (Minimum tuition applies.)oly-class-july-2016

For more information and registration, please visit our website here: Women and Guns

Fight; building fences

SBG Illinois & Sharp Defense

In the first post of this series we talked about our objective; to be able to out think, out talk, and if necessary out fight any opponent(s) we encounter. In this post we’ll begin to discuss MAKE aspect of the Ask, Tell, Make decision tree we discussed in the posts on verbal skills. There are several layers to making someone with malevolent intent choose another victim and we’ll start with a physical position most folks refer to as a Fence. I prefer to use the verbiage; Athletic Protective Posture. I want them think of this position as a proactive position, ready to act. A fence can be many things to many people however, most will tell you a fence is a neutral physical structure that establishes a boundary. That’s okay for some but for me, I like to think of a fence as a physical structure that causes pain when…

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