Exclusive Personal Instruction

Exclusive Personal Instruction

Women and Guns offers private lessons for students looking for a one on one learning experience.  Registration must be completed online or by phone/email. (Click on the above link.)

Location: Tacoma, Washington.  We start in the classroom, then continue to live fire at the New Lakewood Range.  Contact us via email or phone for questions or scheduling: womenandguns.co@gmail.com

Lakewood Shooting Range


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Review of Welcher’s Gun Shop, Lakewood Shooting Range, June 7, 2017.

WOW!!  Amazing practice session at Welchers Gunshop and new Lakewood Shooting Range. The place is first class all the way to the beautiful laminate flooring throughout. The range staff are professional, friendly and very helpful. RSO on the floor at all times, plus security cameras. The air quality in the range is outstanding. 16 shooting stalls are now open, all with electronic target carriers. And LOTS OF SPACE behind the shooting benches, no crowding or bumping into people. A+ in every category. I will be a regular customer. The retail store is spacious and well stocked, prices are very competitive.
Check it out, Bridgeport exit off of I-5, right next door to the Ford dealership. Lots of parking.

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The Pocket Pistol

Some things never change…
Interesting read from Gun Culture 2.0 on Pocket Pistols, which just happen to be one of my favorites.

Gun Culture 2.0

Mark Keefe, Editor in Chief of The American Rifleman, has an excellent article in the December 2016 issue on “The Pocket Pistol’s Progression,” in conjunction with a review by Joseph Kurtenbach of the second version of the landmark Ruger LCP pocket pistol.


Keefe provides some interesting quotes from the English gun writer Hugh B.C. Pollard about the pocket pistol, including:

The advantages of the pocket automatic are — rapidity of fire, and the flatness and compactness in the pocket.


The average Englishman has little idea how widespread is the habit of carrying a pocket pistol; it is certainly unusual in England, but almost customary in the U.S.A. and Continental countries.


After all, it is better to be efficiently armed than not; and ever since the first prehistoric man invented the sling or the bow, weapons that kept the enemy at a distance and disqualified mere personal strength…

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Host A Class at Your Location


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Would you like to attend a class, but can’t seem to find the right class, at the right location, at the right time?  Women and Guns now offers an option to host a class at your location.  Tuition can be as low as $35 person, depending on number of students attending class.  Host attends for free!  (Minimum tuition applies.)oly-class-july-2016

For more information and registration, please visit our website here: Women and Guns

Fight; building fences

SBG Illinois & Sharp Defense

In the first post of this series we talked about our objective; to be able to out think, out talk, and if necessary out fight any opponent(s) we encounter. In this post we’ll begin to discuss MAKE aspect of the Ask, Tell, Make decision tree we discussed in the posts on verbal skills. There are several layers to making someone with malevolent intent choose another victim and we’ll start with a physical position most folks refer to as a Fence. I prefer to use the verbiage; Athletic Protective Posture. I want them think of this position as a proactive position, ready to act. A fence can be many things to many people however, most will tell you a fence is a neutral physical structure that establishes a boundary. That’s okay for some but for me, I like to think of a fence as a physical structure that causes pain when…

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The First Steps are the Biggest- What you discover in your first self-defense classes


firearmsclassinstructionYou signed up for your first firearms class.  That is awesome and you will certainly learn a lot.  It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the new ideas. Your first class probably covers firearms safety.. and much more. Here is a review of what you’ll learn, and what you might need to unlearn.

Safety- You thought safety was for beginners. Firearms safety is a lifelong skill for both beginners and professionals. Professionals have to be both swift and safe all the time.

Preparation- You thought a gun might keep you safe. Like a life-jacket keeps a sailor from drowning, your gun is only a tool. Your skills keep you safe.

Equipment- Your gun seemed to fit your hand perfectly when you held it in the gun store. Your all-day class will show you every place where your gun rubs your hand the wrong way. That happens to all of…

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Statistics About Civilian Deadly Force Encounters

Excellent article!! I couldn’t agree more with every point. Remember, we are average citizens, not law enforcement.


Interesting Analysis From Active Self Protection

I’ve watched about 5,000 gunfights at this point, and the patterns that emerge are pretty clear. Some thoughts you might want to consider that I don’t think that the training community really wants to hear:

1. Most gunfights aren’t entangled gunfights. Empty-handed skills are important, but very rare once the gun comes out. They’re necessary for LE more than CCW, by a long shot. For CCW, empty-handed skills are critical for the 80% of assaults that don’t rise to the level of deadly force response. So go to your martial arts training.

2. Reloads are almost vanishingly insignificant factors in gunfights. I have seen precisely 2 reloads in a real gunfight that weren’t on-duty LEO. And neither of those affected the outcome of the fight. I have seen about 7 or 8 where a higher capacity firearm or the presence of a reload might…

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Sociology of Guns Seminar Student Final Reflection Paper (1 of 4)

This article on guns, from a students perspective, reflects the open minded approach I wish all members of our society would adopt. Pursue education, do your research, and experience learning to shoot BEFORE making decisions regarding gun ownership and controls.
Thank you gun culture 2.0 for sharing.

Gun Culture 2.0

As before, one of the three major learning objectives for Version 2.0 of my Sociology of Guns seminar was that the students would:

Better understand your personal beliefs about guns, including scrutinizing your own relationship to guns so as to make informed choices about your own participation with and the place of guns in the communities in which you live.

To this end, I again assigned a three part writing assignment that asked students to address the question: What Role Should and Do Guns Play in (American) Society?

The first part of this assignment asked students to reflect on their own personal views of the role that guns SHOULD play in (American) society. The second part of the assignment had students move beyond their personal views and adopt a more scholarly approach to the issue. Here the question was not what role should guns play, but what role do guns…

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