Some things never change…
Interesting read from Gun Culture 2.0 on Pocket Pistols, which just happen to be one of my favorites.

Gun Culture 2.0

Mark Keefe, Editor in Chief of The American Rifleman, has an excellent article in the December 2016 issue on “The Pocket Pistol’s Progression,” in conjunction with a review by Joseph Kurtenbach of the second version of the landmark Ruger LCP pocket pistol.


Keefe provides some interesting quotes from the English gun writer Hugh B.C. Pollard about the pocket pistol, including:

The advantages of the pocket automatic are — rapidity of fire, and the flatness and compactness in the pocket.


The average Englishman has little idea how widespread is the habit of carrying a pocket pistol; it is certainly unusual in England, but almost customary in the U.S.A. and Continental countries.


After all, it is better to be efficiently armed than not; and ever since the first prehistoric man invented the sling or the bow, weapons that kept the enemy at a distance and disqualified mere personal strength…

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