Instructor: Janice TalarocMy name is Janice Talaroc and I am the owner of this blog.  For several years I have been enjoying the sport of shooting.  Throughout this time I have come to experience firsthand the challenges faced by women in a sport dominated by men.  Any women out there that have been shooting for a long, or short time know what I am referring to.  It’s not unusual for men at the local gun range to look twice when a women walks in with eye and hearing protection as well as her own range bag.  That’s after you get past the guy at the front desk that often treats you as though you know nothing about shooting.  He may even ask you twice if you are sure you have the right ammunition for your gun.  And he will really get a look of surprise on his face if you happen to bring your own targets along.  I once had a couple of guys shooting in the bay next to me who made fun of my target, (a bad guy silhouette holding a gun on his hip), saying that no one would really ever hold a gun that way.  After I put the first 9 rounds from my 9mm, 1911 Nighthawk in a 2 inch group on the targets forehead at 15 yards, they got real quiet.  In fact, they left a short time later.  Scenarios similar to this happen more often than you would think.  On occasion, I have been approached and even complimented on my shooting and choice of firearms.  Sometimes, you really do meet the nicest people at the range!

My past experience includes helping teach a Basic Pistol Class at one of the local gun clubs to gain experience and perspective.  Although it was a great experience, I found myself wanting more of an opportunity to reach out and provide help and education to more of the women in the community.  I had been thinking about creating a blog for some time, and finally got around to actually doing it in late 2011.  (This is it!)  Now I am pursuing the creation of a Women’s program on my own.  My goal is not only to help educate women on the safe and effective use of firearms, but to provide them with the much needed information on awareness, and how to best keep themselves and their loved one’s safe.  I have completed the NRA’s Certification for Basic Pistol Shooting Instructor, Refuse To be A Victim Instructor and Range Safety Officer.  In addition, I have sought additional training from Insights Training Center in Bellevue, and private instruction from Bruce Jackson at the Marksman Indoor Range in Puyallup.

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