It depends on who you ask.  And it may not be the same for everyone.

I would like to suggest you start with 2 basic questions:

  1. What do I wish to accomplish at the end of my training?
  2. How much time are you willing to commit to practice the skills you learn?

Consider the time it took to learn to drive an automobile.  One lesson, two, 10?  First you had to learn how to operate the vehicle, turn the ignition, position the seat, mirrors, turn signal operation, how to put it in gear, gas, brakes….and all those other buttons.  Not to mention how to properly maintain the vehicle so it is reliable.

Let’s not forget the laws regarding driving.  You have to learn the laws before you start driving.  There is a test you must take, just to be sure you get it right.  After all, a car can be considered dangerous to yourself and to others, when not operated correctly and legally.

So, you sign up for an all day, 8 hour class to learn to shoot.  Then, you wait 30-60 days, or more, before going to the range to practice what you learned in class.  How much do you think you would remember?  Would it be enough to save your life in a deadly confrontation?

How many classes, and how many times did you practice driving before taking your driving test?

It’s pretty simple, more training and practice is always needed to become competent at any skill.  Especially one involving the possibility of loss of life.