Which Gun is Easier to Clean?

Before making your final decision on a handgun purchase, you may want to refer to the owner’s manual or ask the sales person to field strip the firearm for you.  Some makes and models are quite easy, while other’s are more complicated.  Regardless of your choice, be sure you follow the manufacturers instructions and clean your firearm regularly.

Glock 19

Based on my personal experience, Glock firearms are one of the easiest to field strip.  Sig Sauer is also quite easy.  Many 22lr handguns are also fairly easy to strip as they have lighter recoil springs.  1911 model firearms require more steps and can be more challenging for a new gun owner.  As with most things related to shooting and firearms, the more you practice, the easier it will become.  If you have difficulty or questions about field stripping your firearm, visit your local gunsmith for professional advice.

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