If you haven’t got problems I feel bad for you Son, I’ve got 99 problems and a gun ain’t one…

This article reblogged from REALDEFENSE is definitely worth reading. Not just the first part, but the all of the article. For those of you who still question the effectiveness of the 22lr for self defense, you might be surprised to learn all the facts. Read on and enjoy!

Revolver Science

This is probably going to ruffle some feathers…but I’ve received emails asking questions or looking for further explanation on some things that I’ve talked about, and I want to address those.  The email below sums up a good number of questions/emails I have received.  If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you’ll notice that I very rarely stick to just one central topic in my articles.  This is partially due to my quickly shifting attention focus, but also because I like to draw parallels between things that may, at first glance, seem relatively unrelated.  So here we go…


Dear Dr. House,

I like your articles.  However, I am a follower of Dave Ramsey, and I just refuse, nor do I have the money to spend, on a bunch of high tech gadgetry and gear to support my concealed carry lifestyle.  I have a revolver, a pancake holster, a few…

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The gun doesn’t keep you safe


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“This lack of training is in my opinion negligent. A firearm comes with a lot of responsibility and a personal training requirement. Anyone who has a firearm in their home should know how to use it, what type of ammunition it takes, how to load and unload without assistance, and have formalized training that applies to how they are going to use it.”  quote from Rob Pincus at The Personal Defense Network and his article titled “The Baby Blanket Approach to Personal Safety”

Rob’s ability to convey important facts is always spot on.  I always look forward to reading his articles and watching his videos.  If you are serious about personal defense, Rob’s PDN website is well worth your time.

Don’t just buy a gun because it is your constitutional right.  Remember Abraham Maslow‘s saying , “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

It is every gun owner’s responsibility to seek and obtain training on the safe and proper use of a firearm.  And if that firearm is intended to be used in the defense of life, additional training is absolutely necessary.

End of Class Student Reflection on the Complicated Nature of a Highly Charged American Issue

What a great article shared by Guns2.0.
We all have so much to learn about each other.

Gun Culture 2.0

As I noted in my previous post, my Sociology of Guns seminar concluded with students writing final reflection papers. The actual text of the assignment was:

  • In this final paper, you will revisit your personal view of the role guns should play in society (Paper 1) in light of your consideration of the role guns actually do play in American society (Paper 2). Reflecting on what you learned in researching and writing Paper 2, discuss how your mind has (and/or has not) changed. Where do you stand now and why?
  • Although the instructor has read Papers 1 and 2, do not assume he can remember your specific arguments in reading Paper 3. As you address where you started and what you learned, make specific reference to the ideas in your previous papers. (Remember: This is Chapter 3 of your 3 chapter mini-book.)
  • Finally, conclude this paper by considering what…

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Yes, I shoot like a girl…


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It seems that despite the overwhelming number of women buying firearms in today’s culture, we (women) still get treated like we don’t have a clue about guns or shooting.  This is both surprising and disappointing.

Women are where the money is.  Guys, pay attention.

The woman at the gun counter may have just as much knowledge, experience and money as you do.  Maybe more.

The woman at the range may shoot better than you do.  And she may even own more guns and know more about them than you do.  Why would you assume the opposite?

The woman sitting next to you in training class wants to exercise her 2nd amendment rights and have the ability to protect herself and her family.  Is this any different than you?

A pretty face is much more than just a pretty face.  Stop judging people by their gender.  At the gun store, gun range or anywhere else for that matter.

If you liked this post, you might also enjoy this great article from Range 365, author Annette Doerr.

TTP: Parking Lot Awareness

This a very good article on Parking Lot Safety. This time of year, we all need a reminder when out shopping and running errands.

GSL Defense Training

Parking Lot Situational Awareness: TTP (Tips, Techniques, Procedure)

by GSL Defense Training

Parking lots, parking garages and dark street-side parking are common transitional areas we are find ourselves in frequently that are commonly crime scenes. Criminals can take advantage of us when we are in these areas and in or around our vehicle. With a little awareness and the proper mindset YOU can be safer. Here are a few tips, techniques and procedures to make you a harder target in and around your vehicle as well as transitioning through parking areas.


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Necessary force

Great article for all to read. Domestic abuse isn’t always obvious to everyone.

Can You Relate?

People who are abusive only use the amount of force necessary to maintain dominance in their relationship.

When I say this to someone, I often see them pause in their reaction. Most people imagine that abusive people are out of control, or lash out when angry. And that the use of physical abuse―like hitting, slapping, punching, or forcing sex―is frequent and consistent over the length of the relationship. From that perspective, the idea that they “only use the amount of force necessary” doesn’t make sense.

But survivors tell me that their partners are often manipulative and violent in ways which do not include physical violence. No matter how an abuser’s behavior looks to an outsider, their tactics are deliberate. Like embarrassing a partner at a party or undermining their participation in religious activities. Or sabotaging a survivor’s connection with their child. Taking a child and disappearing for a couple of…

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Thinking about buying a gun as a gift?


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“For that special someone in your life, you want to be there to protect her. However, realistically, you can’t be there all the time. That’s why you want her to have a gun. Fine and good but before you go to your local gun store and pick her out something you think will get the job done: stop.” quote from great article in Concealed Nation

Before you go out and by a gun for your wife, girlfriend or anyone, stop and consider all the ramifications.  First, be sure you are following all applicable laws concerning the purchase.

As stated in the Concealed Nation article: “And, in a lot of cases, it’s illegal to complete a straw purchase. You should never purchase a gun for anyone other than yourself. It’s not just our opinion — it’s a federal decision upheld by the Supreme Court.”

If that is not enough to stop you, consider this: Would you buy a pair of shoes for your wife or girlfriend?  Probably not.  Because you can’t be sure they would fit her foot properly or that she would actually like them.  Guns are like Shoes.  Yes, really.

If you really want to help your significant other get into the sport of shooting or guns for self defense, consider a training class first and foremost.  Without training, any weapon can be useless or even self destructive.  If safety is on your mind, education is absolutely the most important gift you can give another person.

Purchase a training class from a reputable instructor, or consider a gift certificate and let her pick out an instructor or class that meets her needs.  A good class will not only teach her gun safety and operation, it will go a long way towards helping her to understand HOW TO CHOOSE A HANDGUN.

In today’s world, learning to safely operate a gun could save a life.  Even if you don’t own or carry a gun.  What would you do if you found a dropped gun?  How would you respond to an Active Shooter Event?  Training is everything.  Choosing the tool is secondary.

Women and Guns offers customized training for women and is offering a FREE training class on Active Shooter Training.  Click on the link for details.




Articles written by other authors…

Recently it was brought to my attention that our blog had illegally copied an article from another author.  Our post gave full credit to the original author and website.  Never the less, this was an infringement of their rights.  And we appreciate having this brought to our attention.

This was not intentional, and will not be repeated.  We strive to provide education and information to women regarding personal safety and firearms training.  We do not employ authors, or compensate authors for articles posted on this blog.  We simply try to share quality information from reliable sources, at the same time giving those sources full credit.

FACEBOOK may be the only viable, legal form to share certain types of information.  In the future, the only articles shared on this blog will be written by the blog’s owner.  Nothing further from outside sources.