This article on guns, from a students perspective, reflects the open minded approach I wish all members of our society would adopt. Pursue education, do your research, and experience learning to shoot BEFORE making decisions regarding gun ownership and controls.
Thank you gun culture 2.0 for sharing.

Gun Culture 2.0

As before, one of the three major learning objectives for Version 2.0 of my Sociology of Guns seminar was that the students would:

Better understand your personal beliefs about guns, including scrutinizing your own relationship to guns so as to make informed choices about your own participation with and the place of guns in the communities in which you live.

To this end, I again assigned a three part writing assignment that asked students to address the question: What Role Should and Do Guns Play in (American) Society?

The first part of this assignment asked students to reflect on their own personal views of the role that guns SHOULD play in (American) society. The second part of the assignment had students move beyond their personal views and adopt a more scholarly approach to the issue. Here the question was not what role should guns play, but what role do guns…

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