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It seems that despite the overwhelming number of women buying firearms in today’s culture, we (women) still get treated like we don’t have a clue about guns or shooting.  This is both surprising and disappointing.

Women are where the money is.  Guys, pay attention.

The woman at the gun counter may have just as much knowledge, experience and money as you do.  Maybe more.

The woman at the range may shoot better than you do.  And she may even own more guns and know more about them than you do.  Why would you assume the opposite?

The woman sitting next to you in training class wants to exercise her 2nd amendment rights and have the ability to protect herself and her family.  Is this any different than you?

A pretty face is much more than just a pretty face.  Stop judging people by their gender.  At the gun store, gun range or anywhere else for that matter.

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