firearmsclassinstructionYou signed up for your first firearms class.  That is awesome and you will certainly learn a lot.  It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the new ideas. Your first class probably covers firearms safety.. and much more. Here is a review of what you’ll learn, and what you might need to unlearn.

Safety- You thought safety was for beginners. Firearms safety is a lifelong skill for both beginners and professionals. Professionals have to be both swift and safe all the time.

Preparation- You thought a gun might keep you safe. Like a life-jacket keeps a sailor from drowning, your gun is only a tool. Your skills keep you safe.

Equipment- Your gun seemed to fit your hand perfectly when you held it in the gun store. Your all-day class will show you every place where your gun rubs your hand the wrong way. That happens to all of…

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