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Gun Culture 2.0

As I noted in my previous post, my Sociology of Guns seminar concluded with students writing final reflection papers. The actual text of the assignment was:

  • In this final paper, you will revisit your personal view of the role guns should play in society (Paper 1) in light of your consideration of the role guns actually do play in American society (Paper 2). Reflecting on what you learned in researching and writing Paper 2, discuss how your mind has (and/or has not) changed. Where do you stand now and why?
  • Although the instructor has read Papers 1 and 2, do not assume he can remember your specific arguments in reading Paper 3. As you address where you started and what you learned, make specific reference to the ideas in your previous papers. (Remember: This is Chapter 3 of your 3 chapter mini-book.)
  • Finally, conclude this paper by considering what…

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