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After about 10 days of anxiously waiting, I received the new NRA Flash Bang Holster.  It comes complete with 3 different strap sizes to accommodate all body types.  The holster is made of stiff polymer, smooth on one side, textured on the other.  It is designed to be partially tucked beneath your bra.  This holster was ordered to fit the Ruger LCP .380.

After a dress rehearsal and test drive for a few hours, I arrived at the following conclusions: the holster with Ruger LCP, (full magazine), is concealed extremely well, even with a somewhat snug fitting T-shirt; the textured side clings well to the underneath side of the bra and never moved; the inner surface was smooth and easy on the skin; the position of the pistol grip frame definitely encouraged good posture:)  The retention quality is excellent, while still maintaining quick presentation of the weapon.  Of course, practice reaching beneath the upper garment to access is required.