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In today’s world, people feel compelled to buy insurance for many things: automobiles, floods, mortgages, earthquakes, life insurance, and even electronics.  The reason is simple, “if something happens, I am covered”.  We all hope we never have to use our insurance, but we feel comforted knowing we can fall back on it, “just in case something catastrophic happens.”  It is part of “being prepared.”

Owning a firearm does not guarantee your personal safety.  Learning to use it safely, with continued training and regular practice is the best way to prepare for, “the worst case scenario.”  (Not to mention, being a responsible gun owner.)  Like all insurance, it comes with a price.    I like to refer to this type as “Defense Insurance”.  How much are you willing to spend to protect your loved ones?

Houses, cars, TV’s are of no use to dead people.

In my area of Federal Way, Washington, the average cost of a reliable handgun, such as Glock, S&W, Springfield, just to name a few, is $400-$600.  (Depending upon options such as night sights, etc.)  A 50 round box of 9mm ammunition goes for $13.99 currently. Average cost to rent a lane at the local shooting range is $15.   Some ranges offer unlimited shooting for about $30 per month with a 12 month commitment. Utilizing Dry Practice is the most economical, and sometimes the most effective form of training. Average cost of a Basic Handgun Safety Class, 8 hours, $225.  Additional training, $225 – $1000, depending on location and duration.  The following is a breakdown, approximately, for my location. Costs are based on items necessary to train and practice – no frills.

Initial Investment: $800 (Gun, Basic Class, cleaning kit, approximate).  Add $25 for Self Defense Ammo if purchased at same time.

Monthly Investment: $75 (Two trips to the range, two boxes of ammo, targets, approximate).

Annual Investment: $500 & up (Continuing Education – Training with a professional).

Additional Costs: $250 (Holster, belt, range bag, mag holder…).

Time Investment: 2-3 hours per month range time (minimum) Dry Practice: unlimited

Defense Insurance: $1050 up front, $125 per month thereafter.

Time Investment: It’s up to you.

How much are you willing to pay to protect your loved ones?

“Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands.”  ~Jeff Cooper