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Next class starts: March 31, Thursday, from 6-8pm.  REGISTERWoman-Drawing-Gun-from-Holster

Follow on classes begin: May 2, June 6 and July 11, 2016.

Women’s Progressive Handgun Fundamentals – 3 part class.

This class is for women only.  If you are ready to take the next step in your training: learning to clear malfunctions, carry, draw and shoot for self defense, this is the class for you.

This class is divided into 3, 2 hour lessons.  Class meets the same day every week for 3 weeks.

All students will receive a FREE 30 day range pass on Week 1!  (So you can practice between classes!)

If you are a graduate of our Basic Handgun Class, or have taken a similar class in the past, this is the next step in your training.

Topics Include:
  • Discussion on mindset and legalities.
  • Equipment selection: holsters, belts, magazine carriers
  • Review of the shooting fundamentals.
  • How to safely draw and shoot from the holster.
  • Utilizing your gun’s trigger reset.
  • One handed shooting, strong and support hand.
  • Introduction to moving while shooting.
  • How to clear common malfunctions.
  • Reloading drills.
  • Shooting from cover.
  • Multiple target engagement.
  • Putting it all together.
Required equipment:
  • Reliable Semi-auto handgun 
  • 3 magazines for your handgun
  • Pants with belt loops and 1.5″ sturdy belt
  • Sturdy, belt holster for your gun
  • Single or double magazine holder
  • Comfortable shoes, no open toes
  • No low cut shirts (brass is hot!)
  • 250 rounds of ammunition in your caliber
  • 5 Dummy rounds in your caliber.

Prerequisite: Basic Handgun Fundamentals or instructor permission.

Pregnant and nursing women are not allowed to attend classes due to possible health risks.

Class location: Federal Way Discount Gunsand Indoor Range 

For information contact: Janice 253-217-3188 or womenandguns[email protected]

 Firearms Training Classes cannot be returned for refund. A minimum of 10 days notice prior to the start date of your scheduled class is required to request a reschedule.  You must call 253-217-3188 to reschedule.  Range personnel are unable to reschedule classes.  All schedules subject to change.