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This is eye candy for sure, ladies!  Two trips to the range, and I am quite pleased.  $429.99 at the Marksman in Puyallup.  This gun is very accurate, and easy to shoot.  The sights are easy to see.  Today at the range, I was helping a new shooter, and she tried the LC9.  No problem!  The slide is a little challenging for a beginner, but then again, it is a brand new gun.  The trigger take up is long, as would be expected in this size and type of hand gun, but not too heavy.  I am quite pleased, and would definitely recommend this pistol to any shooter.  The size, weight, caliber and price make it the perfect concealment handgun.  The LC9 can be purchased with lasermax laser, $419.99, or base model for $359.99.  (But you will have to forgo the beautiful engraving!)  The little sister to this model is the LCP, .380, and goes for about $50 less.