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Home Defensive Tactics Course!!

During this 8 hour course, students will learn to build on the skills learned in our Progressive Handgun Fundamentals class to include moving while shooting and engaging multiple targets.  Multiple positions shooting, use of flashlights, and shooting from cover will be taught.  The skills learned in this class are invaluable for use in home and personal defense.

Stages will be set to replicate rooms with furnishings, public places and other areas for practical application of skills.

Prerequisites:  Progressive Handgun Fundamentals or Women’s Advanced Handgun  If you have not completed one of the prerequisites, you must obtain permission from our head instructor prior to participating in this class.  Students must have a good working knowledge and familiarity of handguns, and may be asked to demonstrate their skills prior to participation in this class.  This is not a class for beginners.  Maximum enrollment: 10 students.

Required Equipment:  Reliable functioning semi-automatic handgun, .380 or higher caliber.  Non-collapsible, rigid, strong side belt holster.  No ankle, cross draw, or shoulder holsters allowed.  300 rounds jacketed ammunition.  (Brass casings only.)  Minimum (5) dummy rounds in your caliber.  Minimum 2 magazines, with pouches.  Hearing and eye protection required.  Acceptable attire:  Long pants, short or long sleeve shirt, comfortable shoes, and sturdy belt.  No low cut shirts.  No loose jewelry allowed.  Baseball caps and kneepads recommended.

Class location: Federal Way Discount Guns and Indoor Range


ALL Students:  Any student registered for class may reserve ammunition for class.  Please contact the Training School Manager at 253-217-3188, at least 2 weeks prior to your class to reserve your ammunition.  We will hold your ammunition until the day of class to assure availibility.

Firearms Training Classes cannot be returned for refund. A minimum of 10 days notice prior to start date of your scheduled class is required to request a reschedule.  You must call 253-217-3188 to reschedule.  Range personnel are unable to reschedule classes.  All schedules subject to change.