4 thoughts on “Favorite Firearms”

  1. WowI like the new blog a great addition to the BDGC…I have numerous pistols and enjoy shooting them all, but my favorite is a S&W PPKS 380.


  2. Well I was undecided what my favorite pistol as I am new to shooting. Thanks to Phil and Janice I have learned to be patient and am shopping and trying guns on…… with my toes for fingers this is a very important. Of course Janice had to let me shoot her Kimber and well it is on the TOP of my Christmas list….. well that and the Kahr and the browning hi power 9mm, and and and ;o)
    dreaming I must be dreaming
    safe travels to all


  3. Today was my first day on the range with my first pistol, and I absolutely love it. It’s a Walther P22 and was just a blast. We will be back and looking into becoming a member. Thanks BDGC!! Stephannie D. (Buckley, WA)


    • That’s wonderful, Stephannie! So glad you enjoyed your first trip to the range. Your Walther P22 should bring you many hours of shooting enjoyment. Hope to see you at the range sometime.


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