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     Recently, I received the advertisement from the NRA, (one of many;), and it definitely caught my eye!  I think I will order one just to see if it is really practical.  $39.95 seems reasonable.  I have a Ruger LCP that should work nicely.  Once I receive it, I will write a review.  Hope I get it before the next Women’s Clinic!

NRA Flashbang Women’s Holster
Catalog Number: SA 24010-14
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NRA Flashbang Women's Holster
NRA Flashbang Women's Holster
NRA Flashbang Women's Holster
Our new Flashbang Women’s Holster has revolutionized the way women conceal their firearms. Designed to be attached to the middle of the bra and tucked under its underwire, this holster is the definition of discreet. Its molded Kydex© clamshell holster keeps a tight grip on your firearm until you’re ready to draw. The bra band will hold the holster in place while the leather strap keeps the holster steady while you draw. Simply pull up your shirt with one hand and pull down on your pistol with the other — in a matter of seconds you’ve safely deployed your self-defense sidearm. The Flashbang comes with 3 leather straps of varying length to accommodate multiple bra styles – and each strap boasts the NRA logo. Please specify firearm when ordering. Refer to size chart. Right hand draw only. Made in USA.