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There is a lot of talk about gun control, as everyone knows.  And, I will not argue the pro’s and con’s either way.  What I will do is share my own perspective on a world that includes guns, my world.

Everyday I wake up and get dressed, which includes the usual choice of garments, shoes and socks, and of course, my gun.  For those of you that have already read my other article, Elements of an effective self defense system, you know what I am talking about.  Just as you might choose your shoes to match your outfit, or a sweater to keep you warm, my gun and how I conceal it dictates my clothing choice for the day.  It just goes with the territory.

If you have ever started your day without your watch, or favorite piece of jewelry, you know what it is like to feel something is missing.  Take that and multiply by 100 and you will know how it feels when you leave your gun at home.  It is a terrible feeling.  Being in a hurry can lead to poor decisions.  Poor decisions can have dire consequences.  Sometimes, our busy lives cause us to ignore important details.  My mother used to say “The devil is in the details”, among other irritating but wise pieces of advice.

Convenience and security are mutually exclusive.  Convenience degrades security in most cases.  If you want to feel more secure about your personal safety, and the safety of your loved ones, you may have to feel inconvenienced at times.   Only you can determine the correct balance between convenience and security.  Carrying a gun is not always convenient, but it does provide security.

In my classes I consistently speak about the importance of situational awareness.  This applies not only to our perspective of the world around us, but also of ourselves.  It is too easy to become complacent, walking and talking on a cell phone, jogging with ipods, etc, etc.  Subconsciously thinking “Nothing bad will happen to me“.  That’s what the last victim said.

If you decide to carry a gun, your life style will change.  From the way that you dress, to the way that you perceive the world around you, to how you treat others. Your awareness will reach a new level that includes a full time emphasis on safety, both inside and outside the range.  Gun safety and awareness will become an integral part of your everyday life.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.