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This class introduces the student to the integrated act of drawing from the holster, firing, stance, grip and trigger control.  Defensive Handgun Fundamentals teaches the student the skills and mindset necessary to safely and effectively operate their weapon.

Topics Covered:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Improved shot placement
  • Weapon and Reaction hand shooting
  • Multiple shots on single targets
  • Engagement of multiple targets
  • Reloading and malfunction drills
  • Threat assessment

This class should be considered a requirement for anyone who owns or is considering carrying a handgun. Students will be required to provide a Concealed Pistol License, Military or Police Identification, or other form of background check in addition to signing a statement that they are legally entitled to own handguns prior to participating in the class.

Prerequisites:  Basic Handgun Fundamentals or Instructor Permission.  Students must have a good working knowledge and familiarity of handguns.  This is not a class for beginners.  Maximum enrollment: 10 students.

Required Equipment:  Reliable functioning semi-automatic handgun, .380 or higher caliber.  Non-collapsible, rigid, strong side belt holster.  No ankle, cross draw, or shoulder holsters allowed.  300 rounds jacketed ammunition.  (Brass casings only.)  Minimum (5) dummy rounds in your caliber.  Minimum 2 magazines, with pouches.  Hearing and eye protection.  Acceptable attire:  Long pants, short or long sleeve shirt, comfortable shoes, and sturdy belt.  No low cut shirts.  No loose jewelry allowed.  Baseball caps recommended.

Class location: Federal Way Discount Guns and Indoor Range


April 21, 2013   REGISTER
Time: 9am-6pm
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Time: 9am-6pm