This is an excellent article on why training is so important to every gun owner.  With your gun rights come gun responsibilities.  That is where training comes in.  The following is an excerpt from an article by Aaron Cowan.  It mirrors my own thoughts and beliefs on why training is so important.

“The time I spend teaching is always worth it, every single second I can spend with a student is potentially a second of their life, or the life of a loved one, that I have helped them save. However, it isn’t about me, it’s about the student. I give my time and my knowledge to help student exercise their rights, and to understand the responsibilities that come with that right. I strive to find the words to convey the importance of training and realize that most every gun owner already knows how important it is; they just have to find the reason to spend their time. I can only hope that I, or my peers can help them recognize the reason – it is the quality of our life and those in it. Our greatest currency may be time, but our greatest wealth is family. To best protect our family, we must train and be trained to do so.

The potential cost of failing to train is one that no one should be willing to pay.”


Aaron Cowan, Sage Dynamics

Read more: http://www.recoilweb.com/the-importance-of-training-35429.html#ixzz3NatcVc2M