This is a long article, but worth reading.  After I finished this article, I was left with one startling fact that I had not realized prior to reading these statistics:  Suicide rates are 4X greater than homicide rates.  Four times greater…we, as a society need to do a better job of getting help to those people affected.  Again, the issue is not guns, the issue is getting help for the people that need it.  Where is the media coverage for the unemployed, unhappy, depressed and under-educated suicide victims?

“It is difficult to imagine the pain of suddenly losing a loved one to either a firearm homicide or suicide. It is difficult, too, to think that either type of loss – homicide or suicide – would be easier or harder to accept. Yet given the relative magnitude of firearm suicides compared to firearm homicides, it is also difficult to understand the disproportionate focus that seems to have been put on firearm homicides alone.