As many have said before me, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Violence is violence.

Gun Culture 2.0

Without directly engaging the issue of police bias or excessive use of force (about which I do not know enough to engage intelligently), I do want to address the issue of people being “unarmed” at the time of their encounters with law enforcement officers.

People often declare “the victim was unarmed at the time” to suggest that lethal force was not justified. But one of my best friends is an expert in the martial arts and could certainly kill me with his bare hands very quickly if he wanted to (not to mention his rattan sticks).

I have already addressed this issue in terms of citizen self-defense, but was reminded of it today when I saw a story about an Iowa father who was killed with one punch to the head by a (seemingly) random stranger: “De Moines man dies after single punch.”

Photo Credit: De Moines Register Photo Credit: De Moines Register


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