This is an interesting idea. Someone needs to do something to keep the children safe.


Online trainingDear school board member,
(Dear state legislator,)

I was lied to.  We were promised that students would be safer once we made it illegal for honest adults to carry guns on, or near, a school campus.  Well that promise sure didn’t work.  The US Department of Justice reports that almost all the active shooter incidents took place in “gun-free” zones.  A quarter of those incidents took place in our schools.  That is unacceptable.

Now we know better.  We learned that police usually arrive too late. The police are involved in stopping mass murderers at schools only 30 percent of the time.

Other states took real steps to solve this problem.  What is your safety plan to protect our children at school?

I hope you will address this issue when the board meets.
(I hope you will address this issues when the legislature reconvenes next year.)

Awaiting your reply,


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