[W]hen it hits home it’s hard

Another needless tragedy…
Would the average person leave a butcher knife where a three year old could get it? Or prescription medicine? How about an open fireplace with a fire burning? Or drop the child off in the middle of a busy freeway? Ridiculous you say? No more ridiculous than leaving a loaded gun unlocked and unattended. Wishful thinking won’t keep a child safe. It’s no different than the gun owner shooting the child themselves. I can’t think of anything more negligent. People wonder why there are so many anti-gun supporters. They don’t have control of such events, and it scares them. Gun owner’s have control. Use it wisely, or give your guns to someone who is more responsible.


You know, I’ve always had this thought that this could only happen to someone else, you know you only hear about these things, but when it hits home it’s hard.

–Kimberly’s maternal grandfather

Everyone that this kind of tragedy happens to thinks it could only happen to someone else. If you leave your guns laying around when children are in the house, you’re playing Russian Roulette with their lives.

russian-roulette 1

An Irondale family is grieving the loss of a 9-year-old girl, who police say was accidentally shot and killed by her 3-year-old brother.

Watson said Kimberly’s brother got hold of a loaded gun on a nightstand at his great-grandparents’ home in the 2300 block of Monroe Drive around 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

The boy accidentally shot Kimberly while she was sitting on the floor in a bedroom.

Don’t let it happen to you. I don’t care if you buy my recording or not…

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Thinking ahead


If we get carjacked, as long as you and I can both get out of the car, they can have it; I have insurance. But if either of us can’t get out of the car because we get hung up in the seat belts or something, turn your face away from me and close your eyes because I am going to start shooting. I don’t want his loathsome blood-borne pathogens to get in your eyes.

–my personal policy/Standard Operating Procedure, as related to a former girlfriend who lived near Murder Kroger in Atlanta

A California man shot the carjacker of his van Friday as the carjacker drove away. The carjacker died shortly thereafter and the shooter was arrested for Murder.  Once the threat of Death or Serious Bodily Injury has passed, the time for gunfire has ended.

“Nice people lock their doors.” –my mother

‘Don’t sit around in unsecure…

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Ladies Choice


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It’s been awhile since I reviewed guns of any type.  And, yesterday I made a surprise purchase.  Surprise to me that is, a Diamond Back 380.  The price was too good to pass up at $229.99 from Federal Way Discount Guns, (where I buy all my guns).  And off to the range I went with half a box of ammo.  This little pistol is like a micro Glock.  Really.  It is a striker fired gun, disassembles just like a Glock, and is easy to shoot.  I was surprised at the low recoil for such a small gun, (similar in size to the Ruger LCP), and the accuracy too.  I really enjoyed shooting it, and didn’t want to put it down.  It is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a small concealed carry gun.

Women’s Concealed Carry Class


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Have you been thinking about concealed carry, but just not sure where to start?  Which holster?  Which gun?  Legalities?

Come to our Women’s Concealed Carry Class for answers.  And get to try out several different holster styles, concealment purses, belly bands and more…REGISTER 

Purse with holster

The Woman’s Gun Pamphlet

This is definitely worth reading…


Through an oblique reference, I recently found a link to The Woman’s Gun Pamphlet. The link is to a scanned PDF version of the Pamphlet, which can be downloaded and read or printed.

WGP picture

It’s a very interesting publication that was written and published by a colloquium of radical feminists in 1975. The intent was to provide information about both guns themselves and about personal protection attitudes to women of that era who knew nothing about guns or personal protection. As such, I consider it an historically significant document. There’s quite a bit of political rhetoric in it but also a goodly amount of information. Even dryfire is touched on. Some morsels of dry wit are quite entertaining.

toc edit

Especially interesting to me is that it was written from the perspective of self-taught women of the time with some input from men and by doing primary and secondary research. What they…

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Serious Mistake Again

Another avoidable tragedy. Lock up your guns or get rid of them!


I harp on Serious Mistakes because I get sick of reading about this kind of incident. Needless and completely preventable tragedy. In this case, an ounce of prevention would have been better than a lifetime of no cure.

The Serious Mistakes research I’ve done over the past two years has completely changed me in terms of how I prioritize things. Bad things happen too often, frequently because carelessness and incompetence.

If you own guns, you need a plan to secure them when children are around. Even if you don’t have kids, people bring theirs over to your home, especially your grandchildren.

Like many aspects of firearms, this needs to be thought of ahead of time. If you’re not willing to spend a little bit of time, money, and effort to keep firearms out of unauthorized hands, then get rid of your…

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I’ve had several parallel annoyance tracks running this week.
1) .22s for personal protection
2) .38 snub nose revolvers for personal protection
3) The ‘OODA Loop’
4) The value of knives versus guns for personal protection.

Here is my advice to the gun community:
Unless you have primary source information about a topic, meaning you have personally seen it, or better yet experienced and tested it, then don’t talk about the subject. Just keep your piehole shut and don’t spread misinformation. Everything you have been TOLD about the subject by someone else was TOLD to them by someone else, who HEARD it from someone else, etc, etc, etc. The ‘information’ was either bad in the first case, got badly distorted by six degrees of separation, or both.

This applies to gunshop commandos, law enforcement officers, gun manufacturers, firearms trainers, Internet Lounge Lizards, and anyone else who has ever seen a…

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