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An obsession is consuming. It often pushes other activities into the background. It compels and fills your thoughts and drives you ever forward toward its object.  If you have ever felt this way about shooting, you may be an “obsessive shooter”.  Don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing.  It is the foundation of all successful shooters.

Obsessive shooters often show up to practices first and are the last ones to leave. They are self-motivated and yearn to improve.  They also inspire others to excel by offering assistance and sharing techniques.  It is through this process that skills improve and relationships are cultivated.  ”You meet the nicest people at the range” is a comment that is often heard while visiting a local gun club.

No matter what you do, be the best you can be at what you’re doing within the time frame you have for doing it. If you have only 30 minutes to practice, then be the most focused and diligent shooter you can be for those 30 minutes.  Learn something from each and every shot you take.  In today’s environment, ammunition is expensive.  Don’t waste even one cartridge.  Imagine it could be the one that saves you in a real life confrontation.  Go to the range as frequently as possible.  Incorporate dry fire drills into your daily routine when you can’t get to the range.

If you carry for self defense, clean your firearm each and every time you visit the range.  It may save your life.  And remember, practice, practice and practice some more.  Be obsessed with shooting!

“I know quite certainly that I myself have no special talent; curiosity, obsession and dogged endurance … have brought me to my ideas.” ~ Albert Einstein