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This past weekend I had an opportunity to try out my new Glock 42, 380 caliber handgun.  Although I am not a big Glock fan, just due to the fact that they usually do not fit my hand well, I was anxious to shoot this new 380.  Honestly, I have to admit, I like it even better than I expected I would.  The recoil is minimal, no discomfort, and I was able to put my first three shots through the same whole in the paper target!  Now, that is impressive for me.  My daughter, Chelsea, and one of our other instructors experienced equal success when they shot the gun.  I even offered it to a class of new shooters and the feedback was very favorable.  Finally, another 380 hand gun that fits a women’s hand, is easy to shoot, and comes with a very reasonable price tag, retailing for around $400 at Federal Way Discount Guns.  That is hard to beat.

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