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After reading several reviews on the Walther CCP, I decided it was time to purchase one and see just how well it would fit my needs.  Keeping in mind that I am not the easiest person to please, especially when it comes to guns, I would give this gun a 9 out of a possible 10 rating.  The ergonomics of the grip fit my hand perfectly.  The manual safety, which I am not necessarily found of in general, is conveniently located and easy to operate with my somewhat “arthritic” right thumb.  If you prefer a gun with a manual safety, check to be sure it is easy to operate with your shooting hand.  (Under stress you don’t want to have to use two hands to disengage your safety.)  Next on my list of important things when considering a purchase is how easy it is to rack the slide.  I found the CCP slide to be easy to rack, and the manual safety did not interfere or cause discomfort when doing so.

On the range, I found the CCP to have low recoil for a compact 9mm gun.  It was reliable and I had no issue with malfunctions when shooting several different brands of factory ammunition.  I found the CCP to be very accurate.  When carried in a kydex belt holster by K-Rounds, I hardly noticed it was there.  I normally carry a Glock 42, and the CCP is a little bigger, but the increased size did not seem to make any difference in comfort.

Cons: The CCP comes with only one magazine.  Dis-assembly can be challenging the first few times.  I would recommend you utilize u-tube as a resource for additional help with this.  Mostly, I just found it awkward to assemble and dis-assemble.

I would highly recommend the Walther CCP 9mm for a woman.  It is small enough to conceal, easy to shoot, and has very manageable recoil.

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