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Classes for women only vs classes combining genders.  What’s the difference?

First, let’s look at what is the same.

  1. The content of the curriculum

That is all I could come up with for the “what is the same” in the classes I teach.

Let’s look at what might be different in an all women’s class:

  1. Location: is the location climate controlled with comfortable seating?  Or is it cold, hard benches/seating, poor lighting, and disgusting restroom facilities?
  2. Attendees: do the attendees share the same concerns, fears, and goals for the class?  Or do some of them simply want to be entertained or experience the thrill of shooting a gun?  Or, did the court mandate attendance in a gun safety class?
  3. Details: Do details really matter? Or is it more important to “cut to the chase”, and just learn how to load, point and shoot?
  4. Support: do the attendees place a high priority on receiving support from the instructor and other students, both during the class and as a follow up after the class?  Or are they just looking for the class to be over so they can go out and purchase a gun and go shooting with their friends, or start carrying for self defense?
  5. Perspectives: do women have a different perspective when it comes to self defense, planning, deadly weapons, and empowerment?  Or do they feel they are tough enough to handle any situation without help from others?
  6. Are the instructor(s) female?  Or men, and do they have an accurate understanding of a women’s perspective on guns and safety?  Or an ego that dictates what is best for the students?

This is a short list.  I could go on, but I think I have touched on the most important differences.

The classes offered at Women and Guns Training Company are customized to meet the needs of women, not men.

That being said, there are many men who value the same teaching style and level of detail that we offer in our women only classes.

However, 4 years of teaching coed classes has taught me the learning environment is quite different in a coed class.  And many women simply don’t feel comfortable enough to participate.

It is not a question of right or wrong.  It is just a fact that should not be discounted.

I understand and accept this difference, and try to provide the best possible learning opportunity for all women.

There is an abundance of coed classes available for men, many that are attended primarily by men.

Men and women both, should be able to attend a class where they don’t have to compromise their comfort or safety, while obtaining education that meets their needs and expectations.