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“For that special someone in your life, you want to be there to protect her. However, realistically, you can’t be there all the time. That’s why you want her to have a gun. Fine and good but before you go to your local gun store and pick her out something you think will get the job done: stop.” quote from great article in Concealed Nation

Before you go out and by a gun for your wife, girlfriend or anyone, stop and consider all the ramifications.  First, be sure you are following all applicable laws concerning the purchase.

As stated in the Concealed Nation article: “And, in a lot of cases, it’s illegal to complete a straw purchase. You should never purchase a gun for anyone other than yourself. It’s not just our opinion — it’s a federal decision upheld by the Supreme Court.”

If that is not enough to stop you, consider this: Would you buy a pair of shoes for your wife or girlfriend?  Probably not.  Because you can’t be sure they would fit her foot properly or that she would actually like them.  Guns are like Shoes.  Yes, really.

If you really want to help your significant other get into the sport of shooting or guns for self defense, consider a training class first and foremost.  Without training, any weapon can be useless or even self destructive.  If safety is on your mind, education is absolutely the most important gift you can give another person.

Purchase a training class from a reputable instructor, or consider a gift certificate and let her pick out an instructor or class that meets her needs.  A good class will not only teach her gun safety and operation, it will go a long way towards helping her to understand HOW TO CHOOSE A HANDGUN.

In today’s world, learning to safely operate a gun could save a life.  Even if you don’t own or carry a gun.  What would you do if you found a dropped gun?  How would you respond to an Active Shooter Event?  Training is everything.  Choosing the tool is secondary.

Women and Guns offers customized training for women and is offering a FREE training class on Active Shooter Training.  Click on the link for details.